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The idyllic town of Mannum features historic pubs, riverside boardwalks and the world-renowned Hermann Gass Bird Sanctuary

About Mannum, South Australia

Upstream from Murray Bridge is the idyllic town of Mannum. Mannum is a historic town on the west bank of the Murray River in South Australia, 84 kilometres east of Adelaide. There are many tourist and native walks in and around Mannum. Historic pubs, such as the Pretoria and Mannum hotels, line the banks of the Murray River. So too does the world-renowned Hermann Gass Bird Sanctuary. Nestled amongst the River Red Gum Trees, the boardwalk and riverside picnic facilities are the perfect places to spot a wide variety of birdlife.

For those looking for a little more adventure, there is also the Mannum Waterfalls. The one-kilometre, steep walk along Reedy Creek is well worth it, particularly in the winter months following the rain. Town walks include The Randell Walk, The Sherer Walk and The Arnold Walk, each offering their own unique take on the history of the region.

Mannum is probably best known as the starting point of most Murray River Cruises, where embarkation for the Murray Princess is based. If you wish to do a Murray Princess cruise for 3, 4, or 7 nights you can book this and start in Mannum or Adelaide. There is car parking available in Mannum or a coach transfer to and from Adelaide.

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