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Top 6 Things to Do in Echuca Moama

3 February 2023

Echuca Moama is known as the Murray River’s iconic twin towns. It is in traditional Yorta Yorta country and is the largest settlement in the Shire of Campaspe. It is surrounded by Australian native plants and wildlife and is rested right by the banks of the famous Murray River. These twin towns are adventure packed ready for you and your family or friends to discover. 

Echuca is located in Victoria and Moama is in NSW. The two towns are connected by a bridge across the mighty Murray River. The twin town is 220km north of Melbourne (a 2.5 hour drive) and 665km from Adelaide (a 7.5 hour drive). 

There is a great selection of accommodation in Echuca Moama including holiday villas and caravan parks and activities to do during your visit to Echuca Moama, however, we will explore the top 6 things in Echuca to make planning your holiday easier.

Eight-week Winter program

One of the best things to do when visiting Echuca Moama is to check out their eight-week Winter Entertainment program. This eight-week program is the perfect opportunity to experience some of Echuca Moama’s best attractions and activities during the winter. Some of these activities include the Echuca light show, plenty of wine tastings and masterclasses, as well as horse rides along the Murray River, and plenty more. During these eight weeks, the Echuca Moama Winter Blues Festival will also be occurring, providing some of the best music and performances that locals and visitors can enjoy.

Paddle Steamer Cruise and Wine Tastings

You can’t come to Echuca Moama without boarding one of the many historic paddle steamers. There are shorter day trips that you can enjoy on the different boats in the area. Or you can even stay overnight on the famous Paddle Steamer the Emmylou. This majestic vessel is the world’s only wood-fired cruising paddle steamer offering regular scheduled accommodated river cruises. PS Emmylou offers one to four-night boutique tours along the picturesque Murray River.

It departs from the Upper Murray regional town of Echuca, which is located about two-and-a-half hours north of Melbourne. PS Emmylou was recently relaunched as Australia’s most luxurious inland river cruise, following an extensive refurbishment.

Guests are treated to luxury cabins with private ensuites, while each cruise includes all meals, wine tastings and onshore tours. The steamer, powered by a restored Marshall and Sons engine, has just eight rooms, accommodating a maximum of 16 people.

PS Emmylou was named after American country singer Emmylou Harris, who has even taken a trip aboard the vessel. The paddle steamer also featured in the Australian TV series All The Rivers Run, starring Sigrid Thornton, in which it was named PS Providence.

Billabong Horse Carriages

Searching for something to keep the whole family entertained? The Billabong Carriages is home to some of Echuca’s most majestic carriage horses. You and your family will enjoy a peaceful and relaxing carriage experience. You will be able to hop on your fairy tale carriage and explore the streets of Echuca while spotting iconic town highlights such as Beechworth Bakery and the Bridge Hotel. Take plenty of photos as you gallop through the heart of Echuca and take in the history of this beautiful town and its old historical buildings. This tour is great for a family activity that will be sure to keep the kids entertained as well as provide a relaxing experience for all.

Cycling Tour

You cannot miss this exciting adventure when coming to visit Echuca. An E-bike cycling tour is perfect for anyone looking to find an authentic experience. And it will have you feeling just like one of the locals. There are a variety of tours consisting of a 90-minute to 3-hour long well guided cycling tour that explores Echuca-Moama, and Bendigo. You will ride along dirt trails and river tracks while taking in the picture-perfect scenery that Victoria has to offer. Your cycling guide will provide you with information on the best local cafes, pubs, and activities to visit. They will also point out any Australian wildlife you may come across. If a winery tour is more your thing then this can be done on an E-bike too (drink responsibly). The good news is that this tour caters to all fitness levels, therefore no one misses out!

The Great Aussie Beer Shed and Heritage Farm Museum

We have the best activity to keep your dad or husband happy during your holiday in Echuca Moama. This unique attraction is known as The Great Aussie Beer Shed and Heritage Farm Museum. Located 3km out of Echuca it is a tour that will bring back memories of Aussie beer and its culture. There is a display of over 17,000 beer cans. Not only from Australia, but around the world that you can explore. Many other interesting items will bring you nostalgia. Signs, taps, handles and brewery machinery, as well as many Aussie products such as an entire Coca-Cola Collection, a WW1 partially restored canon, and other famous brand name items. This Tour is perfect for those who love Australian culture or are just looking for a unique museum to explore.

Port After Dark Spooky Experience

One of our favourite and spontaneous activities to do in Echuca Moama is known as the Port After Dark Tour. This tour takes you back in time, where you will explore the dark secrets of Echuca and maybe even experience a ghost sighting! It is an hour long and takes you on a lantern-guided journey through the Port of Echuca Wharf, which is known for its popular ghost stories and unexplained scenarios. Tours are run at 11:30 am or 1:30 pm each day. If you’re brave, you can book a private night tour for you and your friends to enjoy.

These top 6 activities to do are only just a small fraction of the experiences waiting for you in Echuca Moama. Whether you’re searching for a relaxing, adventurous, and even spooky experience, the iconic twin towns are one of the best places to visit in Victoria.