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Best Things to do on Kangaroo Island

3 October 2022
Kangaroo Island Adventure Tours

Kangaroo Island, located in South Australia, is the third largest island in Australia and presently remains untouched by mass tourism.

The island is home to thriving flora and fauna populations, with the opportunity to view wildlife including Kangaroos, Koalas, Echidnas, Tammar Wallabies & Brushtail Possums.

There is something on the island for everyone to enjoy whether it be watching wildlife, taking in the scenic landscapes, frolicking on the white sand beaches, carving up the sand dunes or even wine tasting. Have a read of our blog as it runs through the best things to do on Kangaroo Island.

Flinders Chase National Park

Flinders Chase National Park is home to 3 must see sights on Kangaroo Island.

Remarkable Rocks is one of the island’s signature landmarks and you should not miss it. Over 5 million years of erosion has created unique rock formations. The lichen-covered boulders have an orange tint and the best time to visit is at sunrise or sunset when these colours are accentuated.

Admirals Arch is another main attraction on the list of things to do on Kangaroo Island. Just a short drive from Remarkable Rocks the arch offers spectacular views. Not only is the area known for unique rock formations and blue water views, but it is also home to a colony of Fur Seals frolicking in the water and sunbaking on the rocks.

At the start of the walkway to Admirals Arch is the Cape Du Couedic Lighthouse which is over 100 years old. The lighthouse was built with 2000 pieces of local stone, and you can find out more about its history by taking one of our guided tours.

Seal Bay
Seal Bay

Home to one of Australia’s largest colonies of Australian Sea-Lions, Seal Bay is one of the only places you can get up close to the creatures. You can watch the pups playing and observe the old bulls that carry scars from the past.

There are 2 ways to see these magnificent animals. You can take a self-guided tour along the boardwalk which allows you to take as much time as you want. Whilst it is a good viewing point, the animals remain quite a distance from the boardwalk. The better option to take a closer look is a guided tour. This provides access to the beach to observe the sea-lions up close.

Vivonne Bay

Vivonne Bay is perhaps the best beach on Kangaroo Island and one of the best in Australia. The postcard-perfect beach spans for 5km where soft pure white sands meet the clear aqua blue waters. It is one of the safest swimming spots on the island and you may even spot dolphins playing close to shore. A jetty frames the south end with dunes in the distance to the north.

Stokes Bay

Stokes Bay is a hidden paradise; the picture-perfect cove is a great place to relax. Firstly, you will take a short stroll through a labyrinth of caves before finally emerging onto the undeniably stunning beach. There is a giant pool created by a natural rock barrier providing a relaxing spot for you to swim, protected from the surf. Beyond this pool is the perfect place to go surfing and snorkelling. Additionally you can also explore over 150 flowers and plants markedly native to the island at the Stokes Bay Bush Garden.

Nocturnal 4WD Tour

Discover the diverse nightlife on Kangaroo Island by taking a Nocturnal 4WD Tour. The tour lasts for 3 hours, with an experienced tour guide taking the lead. You will see and hear the native wildlife in their natural habitat. You will see animals including the Western Grey Kangaroo, Tammar Wallabies, Brush-tailed Possums and potentially the more elusive Penguins, Stone Curlews & Boobook Owls.

Quad bike adventures

Keen for a bit of adventure? Welcome to the best sunset experience! Take the Sunset Kangaroo Safari Tour located at Vivonne Bay. You will ride through natural scrub, home to wallabies, kangaroos and other wildlife. The picturesque scenery is something few visitors will get to see.

Another quad bike option is the Edge of the Earth Quad Adventure also located at Vivonne Bay. Once again you will ride through the natural scrub land home to the native wildlife. Riders will go through winding bush trails and big sandy berms to arrive at Cape Kersaint. This is one of Australia’s top 100 surf beaches and few people know about it due to its relative remoteness. As this is the longest tour we offer there is a much higher chance of seeing wildlife.

Little Sahara

Close to Vivonne Bay, Little Sahara is an incredible dune system that covers more than two square kilometres. The highest of the dunes peak at 70 metres above sea level. These naturally occurring coastal blowout dunes are perfect for fun activities such as sandboarding and tobogganing. These activities provide fun for all ages and give an adrenaline rush whilst the warm breeze flows through your hair. Additionally you are also able to hire sandboards and toboggans in Little Sahara.

Prospect Hill

Enjoy the view of Kangaroo Island from the island’s highest point, Prospect Hill. Climb the 500 steps to take in the panoramic views of Pelican lagoon and Pennington Bay. The lookout was discovered by Mathew Flinders when navigating the North Coast of Kangaroo Island. Along the way you can read the interesting and interpretive signage providing information about the lookout.

Wine tasting
False Cape Wines

False Cape Wines is the largest vineyard on the island where you can enjoy wine tasting overlooking the Terra Rosa soils on the banks of the Wilson River flat.

Bay of Shoals Wines is found north of Kingscote overlooking the Bay of Shoals and Reeves Point where the vines are hand pruned and grapes handpicked.

Dudley Wines is one of the original wineries on the island where you can settle into a tasting overlooking the Backstairs Passage.

The Islander Estate Vineyards offers an intimate tasting room where you can enjoy French style wines and a platter of regional produce.

Enjoy the spirits

Kangaroo Island Spirits is the only boutique distillery on the island. The product offering includes liqueurs, vodkas and gin.

Emu Ridge Eucalyptus provides a cellar door for Kangaroo Island Ciders who produce alcoholic ciders and non-alcoholic apple juice.

Kangaroo Island Brewery is for the beer lovers, offering a range of craft beers.

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