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About the Mighty Murray River

30 July 2021
Cliffs and tree on the banks of the Murray River

The Murray River is one of Australia’s greatest waterways, with its origins dating back to approximately 130 million years ago. The mighty Murray River is in fact the third longest in the world, stretching just over 2500 kilometres and spanning New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia. Its source is in the Upper Murray and it travels up and all the way over to the Kosciuszko National Park.

The River has four major dams, there are 16 storage weirs along its length and 15 navigable locks. It is the major domestic water supply for over 1.5 million homes and is the third largest water catchment on earth. The Murray Darling basin itself is home to over 46 different species of native fish, 35 endangered species of birds, and 16 endangered species of mammals.

Along the way there are national parks, over 100 towns along and nears its banks. 6 wine regions and some of the best river cruising in the world you’ll love the Murray River as much as we do. There is something of interest at every twist and turn of the river. 40% of Australia’s food comes from the Murray River region.

Rich in history The Murray River region is one of Australia’s oldest living cultural landscapes. Well before European settlement, many tribes along the banks of the Murray River due to the brought abundance of food and water. Local traditions were passed on generation after generation.

You can enjoy the Murray River in many different ways, but there is nothing like an overnight river cruise. The many different overnight cruises depart from both Echuca and Adelaide. You can choose from the wood fuelled Paddle Steamer, Emmylou departing from Echuca: the intimate experience of a journey on the Proud Mary, or the largest of the boats the majestic Murray Princess paddleboat.

Of course there are smaller boats and drives to do along the Murray River, but a cruise is something special. Who wouldn’t enjoy beautifully prepared meals each day, meeting new people and making lifelong memories with new found friends and enjoying the captains commentary on the unique elements of Murray River cruising. There are all sorts of or day tours to enjoy and there is truly something everyone, this is definitely an experience we all should enjoy at least once in our life time.